Sewing Club

Szyciowe Hobby is for us a enjoyable experience possible version of rest from work, domestic duties and daily Hustle. We know that the best necks are sitting together in a group, discussing 1001 cases. Many people, especially young children or the elderly, are very difficult to break away from daily treatment and take care of a moment for themselves. Therefore, even if you do not neck yet, but you are eager/eager (yes! Men also sometimes have a neck and even a patchwork!) to spend the afternoon, or the day of the weekend, creating a hand made whether it is a gown for a child, for himself or a neck pillow and maybe wanting to Just sit at the canvas-welcome. Our mission is to reach as many places in Lower Silesia (and perhaps even further) as possible, to tie the local Szyciowe groups, which will catch the bitten and be regularly (more or less) to meet, with the help of threads and needles to do something for themselves- Win a moment for yourself.

Soon we are starting with the organization of the first meetings in Wrocław-more information will be available on our FB profile.

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