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The Lemur Foundation is responsible for coordination of “HEART from HEART” initiative in south-west Poland as well as providing support in other provinces. As part of the initiative, we sew the heart-shaped pillows that carry the relief of pain after surgery for women after mastectomy.

We would like to ask for your support to join in the charity action “HEART from HEART” in which we’re preparing heart-shaped pillows that ease the pain for women after mastectomy.

How it all started

The idea was born when in 2001, Janet Kramer-Mai, a nurse dealing in oncology at the Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three of her aunts made a heart-shaped pillow for her for use after surgery. The pillow, which fits comfortably under the armpit, can ease the pain of surgical incision, protect against accidental shocks, help relieve edema and reduce shoulder tension. Pillows are given to patients immediately after surgery to help them regain their strength.

 “HEART from HEART” in Poland

It all started when Anna Sławińska (icon of the Polish sewing & patchwork) joined in this year with sewing heart pillows for the German Amazons foundation. Polish women sewed 55 patchwork pillows. A few weeks later, in Spain, photographs of pillows sewn by Poles were made and the topic gained popularity. Due to the huge interest in the topic and the desire to support women, a group of project coordinators was created. Currently, every week, all Poland sews hundreds of pillows that go to oncological centers. Our foundation is one of the main coordinators for this initiative.

Let’s do it together! 

Coordinator for south-west Poland is Isaura Felcenloben – as vice-president of the Lemur Foundation, she is organizing the sewing of pillows for the “HEART OF HEART” project.
We are currently looking for partners and sponsors who want to help in buying cushion materials as well as covering costs of promotion and organization of events. Sewing will have various forms – from small to large meetings, through sewing in companies by volunteers and private individuals. We also plan to expand the campaign and sew cushions in schools in Poland (which already started to happen). We are also able to initiate the action in areas, which have not been included in the project so far.

We have a plan

1. We are in contact with oncology centers in Poland – we collect information about the needs and invite them to join the initiative.
2. We are actively looking for partners and sponsors for the “HEART from HEART” charity project and we organize dates for sewing meetings. We’re also working with various media representatives in Poland to promote the project to reach to maximum number of people who either need help or can help.
3. We will buy cotton and filling (silicone balls) for sewing pillows from the collected funds – the rest of the equipment (sewing machines, mats, roller cutters, threads etc.) is provided by the Lemur Foundation. – estimated needs for the first phase of the project is around 2 000 EUR and another 2 000 EUR for the second phase of the project (purchase of materials, costs of sending cushions to cancer centers, costs around sewing events).
4. Our goal for first phase of the project is to sew 1000 pillows in the first quarter of 2019.

How you can help?

  • Become our partner and sponsor – without the materials needed we can’t sew the pillows. Your support is critical for us to gain the momentum and get this initiative rolling! (to be clear – no ones earning any money out of this – all goes into material purchase, rest is volunteering work)
  • If you feel people in your company could participate in sewing pillows as well – that’s great, we can prepare packages with instructions on how to sew and send over.

How you can transfer the money:




Our name: Fundacja Lemura

Our address: Raclawicka 105/9, 53-146 Wroclaw, Poland

Our bank account:

Account number: PL11114020040000310277581039


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